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Here you will find the latest happenings and news on Project Korihor.


Annotated Book of Mormon Joins Forces With Project Korihor

Bringing thousands of notes on the Book of Mormon to the Project to document the errors, inconsistencies, and problems in the Mormon Scriptures

I am very pleased to announce that A-Bom, known for their Annotated Book of Mormon at has joined Project Korihor. In joining, they have brought over a thousand annotations on the Book of Mormon to the project, giving it a GREAT headstart.

Beyond that, A-Bom plans to continue to contribute to the project, and has already begun pointing out the flaws and issues in the Doctrine and Covenents.

Site Improvements

In addition to the great news above, I have been hard at work polishing and adding features to the site. There have been too many updates to list, but here are the main features:


Full search has been implemented, so you can now search across all the scriptures and every annotation in the project.

Scripture Links & Preview

You can create scripture links in annotations just by typing the scripture book, chapter, and verse.

For example: Acts 2:15

You can also specify multiple verses with ranges or comma-seperated: Proverbs 31:6-7,10

Hovering over a scripture link like this one: Ecclesiastes 10:19 will now pop up a preview of that verse. Just click the link to see the whole thing and any annotations it may have.

Linking to Users

You can now reference users which will create a link to them. Just put an @ followed by their username.


I've added a notification system, so you can be notified if someone comments on your annotation, or responds to a comment of your own.


Voting, Comments, and More - Oh my!

When I started this project over 8 months ago, I envisioned a place where like-minded people could collaborate in creating something special. A place where critics could post annotations of not just the Book of Mormon, but all of the LDS scriptures.

As a community, we would annotate the scriptures; and as a community we would curate those critiques making the best ones stand out.

Today, I am happy to announce that Project Korihor is a few steps closer to making that vision a reality!

I have been working on the platform a lot lately and have added a bunch of new features that I think this site needed to really get a community off the ground.


Registered members of the community can now upvote upvote 👍 or downvote 👎 individual annotations.

Annotations each have a total 'score' displayed next to them, and the annotations are sorted by the this score.

Currently any registered user is able to vote, but this may change if there is too much abuse. We'll have to play it by ear to start.


Annotations can now be commented on by registered users. The intention of this is to be able to communicate and share information about the annotations.

Right now you can post comments, but there is no way to edit or delete comments. That will be coming soon!

And remember - Let's keep it civil!

Latest and Top Annotations

I have added Latest and Top Annotations lists to the homepage to make it easy for users to see where the action is and create a place for people browsing the site to start.

Simple View Mode

I've heard some reports of the scripture viewer not displaying correctly on some devices, so I have added a toggle at the top of scripture pages to enable a simpler scripture view that should work on all devices.

Here's to a new year

Hopefully with these changes and some better marketing by myself this site can really take off and become a functioning community of scripture critics.