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Ye say that this people is a free people. Behold, I say they are in bondage. Ye say that those ancient prophecies are true. Behold, I say that ye do not know that they are true.
Alma 30:24

Welcome to Project Korihor, a community project to critically analyze and document all the problems and inconsistencies in the Book of Mormon, the Holy Bible, and all the scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (commonly known as the Mormon church).

Much like wikipedia, Project Korihor is a "crowdsourced" project, where anyone can contribute.

Know of some problems or inconsistencies in the Book of Mormon or any other LDS scripture? Feel free to register and start annotating today!

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Annotated Book of Mormon Joins Forces With Project Korihor

Bringing thousands of notes on the Book of Mormon to the Project to document the errors, inconsistencies, and problems in the Mormon Scriptures

I am very pleased to announce that A-Bom, known for their Annotated Book of Mormon at has joined Project Korihor. In joining, they have brought over a thousand annotations on the Book of Mormon to the project, giving it a GREAT headstart.

Beyond that, A-Bom plans to continue to contribute to the project, and has already begun pointing out the flaws and issues in the Doctrine and Covenents.

Site Improvements

In addition to the great news above, I have been hard at work polishing and adding features to the site. There have been too many updates to list, but here are the main features:


Full search has been implemented, so you can now search across all the scriptures and every annotation in the project.

Scripture Links & Preview

You can create scripture links in annotations just by typing the scripture book, chapter, and verse.

For example: Acts 2:15

You can also specify multiple verses with ranges or comma-seperated: Proverbs 31:6-7,10

Hovering over a scripture link like this one: Ecclesiastes 10:19 will now pop up a preview of that verse. Just click the link to see the whole thing and any annotations it may have.

Linking to Users

You can now reference users which will create a link to them. Just put an @ followed by their username.


I've added a notification system, so you can be notified if someone comments on your annotation, or responds to a comment of your own.


Why the name "Project Korihor"?

Korihor is a character in the Book of Mormon described as an "Anti-Christ" simpy because he didn't believe in the local state religion. He spoke openly about his disbelief, and was deported, imprisoned, and ultimately cursed to be an outcast deaf and mute beggar for it.1

If Korihor did actually exist like the Book of Mormon claims, his treatment by supposedly righteous people - including God's prophet - is abhorrent. He had the strength and determination to question the faith, and was greately persecuted for it. This project is named after him in his honor.

See the annotated story of Korihor for more more.

How can I contribute?

Anyone can create an account (hit the login button at the top, then click register) and start annotating.

To add an annotation, just click the '+' in the annotations box for the verse you would like to add an annotation to.

Newly created annotations will have a DRAFT status. You can save it, and it won't appear for anyone while it's a DRAFT. Once your annotation is ready, hit the 'Submit for Review' button and moderators will publish it after taking a look.